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Asian Urban-Wellbeing Indicators: Hong Kong Report (October 31, 2016)

The latest Asian Urban Wellbeing Indicators Survey was conducted by the policy think tank Civic Exchange and Centre for the Advancement of Social Sciences Research of HKBU. It covered a range of issues from housing, education, and medical care to government administration. The telephone survey of around 1,500 Hong Kong residents aged 18 to 65 was conducted from September last year to January this year. Carine Lai, project manager for Civic Exchange, called for the government to put more effort into understanding the needs of young people as in general those aged 18 to 29 were particularly dissatisfied both with Hong Kong and their own personal lives. Respondents with associates' degrees or vocational and technical education were very dissatisfied in terms of education. For more details of the findings and the results of the study, please visit the Civic Exchange website: Asian Urban-Wellbeing Indicators: Hong Kong Report (2016 First Report)




(31st October 2016)