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Services to Faculty/ University Staff

Centre for the Advancement of Social Sciences Research (CASR) serves as one-stop shop for helping staff in carrying out research project.
The scope of services includes:
1. Provide cost estimation on data collection and analysis at the stage of grant application
2. Give advices on research design
3. Design questionnaire
4. Carry out data collection (qualitative/quantitative/both)
5. Perform sophisticated data analysis

1. Provide cost estimation on data collection and analysis at the stage of grant

CASR can provide suggestions on the research design which helps researcher to have more accurate estimation on the expenses on data collection and analysis.

2. Give advices on research design

CASR can provide ideas for the research design based on the previous practical experiences in carrying out different types of projects for Government, NGOs, business enterprises and Universities to make sure the research plan is workable.

3. Design questionnaire

CASR can help to design questionnaire for telephone interviews and face-to-face interviews with professional suggestions on the terms and flow in asking the questions.

4. Data collection

For qualitative method, CASR can help to conduct focus groups and in-depth interviews as well as produce the transcripts of the conversation.

For quantitative method, CASR has its own CATI (Computer-assisted telephone interviewing system) lab with 30 seats for carrying out telephone interviews. The CATI is a well-established system used in many different countries. It can cope with the demands of large samples under time constraint. Besides telephone interviews, CASR also carries out face-to-face interviews and online surveys. CASR also has its own team of professional supervisors and interviewers to make sure the data collection with quality.

5. Perform sophisticated data analysis

CASR provide data analysis services such as descriptive results, multivariate analysis (e.g. t-test, ANOVA test, Factor analysis, Reliability test), modeling skills (e.g. Regression model, Structural Equation Model) etc. according to the requirement of the research.

Sample case:

Since the research service is tailor-made according to the objectives of different projects and there is a wide range of service scope, therefore, the charge can only be fixed after discussion. For example, a colleague had carried out a research project which CASR helped on the questionnaire design, data collection of 500 successful telephone interviews with general public aged 18 or above and data analysis with descriptive results, the charge was $40,000.

Staff from different departments have used our services; some example projects include:

Effectiveness of Advertisement survey
Communication and Public Relations Office
Analysis on Evaluation Forms
International Office
Return migrants and the family circuits of Hong Kongers
Faculty of Social Sciences
Survey on Hong Kong's icons
Department of History
Survey for Hong Kong Sports Institute
Department of Education
Conducting Qualitative Interviews on Student Learning Experience
Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning