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The Centre for the Advancement of Social Sciences Research (CASR) was established in 2010. It capitalises on the expertise currently available at the Faculty of Social Sciences and other academic units of the University and helps build the necessary infrastructures so as to nurture and sustain related research endeavours. In this connection, CASR provides ready survey instruments, sampling frames, and advice in the employment of advanced quantitative and qualitative techniques, facilitates social science and related research undertaken by all faculty members of the University.

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Hong Kong College of Cardiology "Survey on Women Heart Health" (May 5, 2021)
"Findings on Women Heart Health Press Conference" was held by the Hong Kong College of Cardiology on 5 May......continue >>
Manulife Hong Kong "Survey on Medical Needs of Low-income People" (March 16, 2021)
Manulife Hong Kong is taking the lead to support the pillars of low-income families to improve their health and well-being by......continue >>
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